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Banquet hall at Hotel Metro View Delhi Karol Bagh

One of the most important aspects of a good banquet and conference venue is perhaps the food & apparently it takes up a large chunk of the expense too. Our food is served hot and tastes fine. 
​​​​The hosts leave Thanking us for the special treatment that their guests receive. Dated 8 July 2017

Conference halls in Delhi at Hotel Metro View

Yet another conference of a technology company at Hotel Metro View in Karol Bagh Delhi. The setup was round tables / cluster type seating with projector system. They just took half our hall and opted to take lunch at the restaurant of Hotel Metro View in Delhi. Dated 4 July 2017

Dinner kitty party

Banquets at Hotel Metro View are fabulous and pocket friendly for hosting of birthday and kitty parties. Our food leaves guests spellbound and ambience awestruck. Perhaps our Banquet halls are of a league above all others in same category. Party halls in Delhi at Hotel Metro View. Dated 31 June 2017

Corporate Event at our Banquet venue in New Delhi

Hotel Metro View has emerged to be the one of best venues for hosting business related events and also parties. The organizers were immensely happy and content with the quality of halls, food & services offered. Dated 25 June 2017

Conference event at banquet hall of Hotel Metro View Delhi

A organizer chose our Banquet venue for their seminar event of 60 pax with tea and snacks. They also took our projector and mic system package and were satisfied with impeccable services. Dated 15 June 2017

Banquet party at Hotel Metro View in Delhi

[right]A small gathering of 50 people was held at our Banquet halls. The menu was vegetarian and the food delicious. They did not go for much decor because the halls themselves are elegant so a bouquet of flowers was provided with at each round table. The halls was chilled to the bones despite severe heat outside. Date 9 June 2017[/right]

Conference hall in Delhi

A seminar of 80 people was held at out conference hall in Delhi at Hotel Metro View. The setup was basic and the organisers opted for mic and projector systems too. Dated 7 June 2017

Exhibition at our Banquet hall in Delhi for apparel brand

A renowned apparel brand chose to hold their exhibition of their fashion items and accessories at Hotel Metro View in Delhi which is near Karol bagh metro station. They choose to just rent our halls which are fully air conditioned and just opted for alacarte food for their staff from our restaurant. 
​​Dated 4 June 2017

Birthday party at Banquet hall & terrace lounge in Delhi

This picture depicts decoration for a small birthday gathering held in Delhi at Hotel Metro View. The choose to take our room terrace and indoor hall for this purpose, beautiful ballons decor with chat-pat food items to go with the theme. Hotel Metro View perhaps is not only reasonable but also perfectly suitable in terms of food taste and quality. Dated 20th April 2017

Small party & conferences

Some US nationals chose us again for their second party conference in Delhi. They rented our Banquet halls together with opting for projector and mic with delicious food for their guests. Our Banquet halls in delhi are so good that even foreign nationals choose us over many many other competitors. ​​​​Dated 28 May 2017

Kitty party in banquet hall in karol bagh Delhi

A kitty party was hosted at Hotel Metro View in Delhi. 
​​​​The banquet halls was apt for the number of lady members who played tambola, ate food, danced to music, and forlicked. The organisers were immensely satisfied with the arrangement at our Banquet halls in Delhi. 
​​Dated 26 May 2017

Banquet halls for promotion of Indian arts in Delhi

A group of foreigners choose our Banquet halls for hosting a conference in Delhi in which they were to promote Indian arts. Foods, tourism amongst fellow citizens. In the words of one of the hosting official "best banquet halls in entire Delhi". Dated 25 May 2017

A conference & training session at Hotel Metro View

Mission conference, mission training. The picture is of a ongoing conference at Hotel Metro View, WEA, Delhi. The setup was simple with cluster seating option chosen, meals were taken at the Restaurant of Hotel Metro View Delhi. Our elegantly designed halls are perfect for training and conference purposes. Dated 20 May 2017

Banquet halls in Delhi

Setup for a birthday party at our Banquet Venue in Delhi at Hotel Metro View. Beautiful decoration and music was much appreciated. Snacks were delicious and guests left immensely satisfied.
Easily one of best and most reasonable banquet halls in Delhi & Karol Bagh. Dated 19 May 2017

Conference and training in small hall

A reputed and big MNC held their conference and training session here at out Hotel Metro View in Delhi. They were fully satisfied with services and quality of our Banquet halls. 
They have attendees ​​​who come from various parts of Delhi and hence proximity to metro station and central location is their primary requirement. Dated 15 May 2017

Small meeting at our venue

Despite scorching heat outside, our conference halls provide the right atmosphere for the perfect meeting and seminar in karol bagh and adjoining areas. This is a picture of ongoing meeting in our small conference hall at the terrace of Hotel Metro View Delhi. Dated 12 May 2017

Rocking training Seminar

A full featured & comprehensive training Seminar & conference in the best featured and serviced banquet hall in Delhi, the heart of it in karol bagh. 
​​Dated 10 May 2017

Small conference in our halls

A small group of IT professionals decided to host a conference meeting in our Banquet Venue. 
They ​​​also rented the projector and were plenty satisfied with the services offered at Hotel Metro View in Karol Bagh New Delhi. 
Dated ​​07 May 2017

Meeting in progress

A IT company choose to hold their strategy meeting in karol bagh in our conference hall. They opted for just half of the hall beacuse the attendees were less. They were immensely satisfied with the core services provided. 
​​Dated 5 May 2017

Seminar of IT professionals

A well known IT brand also chose us as their preferred choice for holding seminar. They booked both the halls for this purpose and chose to have their meals taken in the conference hall itself. 
Dated: 3 May 2017

Conclave of sales reps

Ongoing is a seminar of a pharmaceutical company. They chose to have taken just half of our conference hall in Delhi. They found the arrangement, food & services way above par. They left with a big grin on their faces. The lunch was taken at our restaurant on ground level. 
"best conference hall in delhi" was what they said. 
Dated ​​1 May 2017

Conference halls in Delhi

Conference halls in Delhi have become synonymous with Hotel Metro View. We have been incessantly providing best services to corporates and clients. This setup was made for one of the larger conferences to be held at our halls. 
​​Dated 29 April 2017

Conference hall in New Delhi

A seminar in progress of a social enterprise. They were on a tight budget and were looking for a classy conference hall to impress the attendees. Our conference halls were upto their job & apparently they got a response far better from their anticipation. Lunch was served in our Restaurant which left each spell bound.
​​Dated 27 April 2017

Conference halls in Delhi

This is a picture taken while a seminar was going on in the conference hall in Delhi Hotel Metro View. 
​​​​The company chose us because of easy location and access. 
Our central location in Delhi is more than ideal for purpose of conferences.
They ​​​choose to have their lunch taken in our restaurant. 
Our conference h​​​​all is the best in Delhi especially in and around karol bagh area for both banquet and conference purposes. 
​​Dated 25 April 2017 

Training Seminar with lunch in restaurant

One of the biggest MNC in tech world chooses us as its venue for training its sales executives, our conference halls are located centrally in Delhi.
They find the atmosphere engaging & ideal for learning.As a way to have a good enjoyable break time they choose to have their lunch taken at our hotel restaurant.
​​Dated 24 April 2017

Convention of a local business house in progress

This picture represents a ongoing convention of a Business house from Delhi. They called their clients to our conference halls from in and around Delhi NCR to showcase their new products together with setting up of new dealerships. The lunch and evening supper was several up in our fabulous Restaurant. 
They ch​​​oose us beacuse of proximity to Karol Bagh metro station and beacuse of vicinity from Patel Nagar, Rajender Nagar, Rajendra Place, Pusa Road & Cannaught Place in Delhi. 
​​Dated 23 April 2017

Ongoing business meeting & seminar of Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company booked conference halls for straight 3 days at Hotel Metro View in Delhi in karol bagh. 
Since we ​​are situated near Patel Nagar, Rajender Nagar, Pusa Road which essentially is all central Delhi, Corporates find our Hotel ideal for holding conferences & seminars in our Banquet Halls. 
​​​​Their lunch was served in the restaurant of Hotel Metro View which is also one of best restaurants in its price range in Karol Bagh. 
Dated​​ 21st April 2017

Conference in motion in Delhi

This is a ongoing seminar of a Indian company. 
They took their lunch in our restaurant and were very happy for it. 
Our​​​​ conference halls are pillar less and ideal for conferences with easy approach in Karol Bagh, Delhi.
​Dated 17 April 2017

Auction in progress

This is a auction meeting going on in Hotel Metro View in Delhi.
They took their lunch in our Restaurant in Hotel Metro View. 
​​Dated 17 April 2017 

Strategy meeting & policy development

A NGO held a meeting here to develop and formulate certain policies and strategies for their organisation. They choose our terrace hall and choose to take their lunch meal in our hotel restaurant.  The terrace hall is ideal for small parties, conferences & meetings with a breathtaking view of Delhi and Metro.
Dated 13 April 2017 

Seminar & training in Delhi

A MNC held a training session in our conference halls and seminar for their new upcoming product. They were provided with basic facilities and services. They chose to have their lunch break and evening snacks taken in our restaurant. Hotel Metroview again gives organisers immense value for money satisfaction. Our location in Central Delhi is best suited for all attendees.
Dated 13 April 2017

Training and conference meeting

This is a picture depicting a training and conference meeting of a honored national company. 
​​​They held their meeting in our Banquet hall in Delhi and chose to have their meal & break taken in our restaurant.  The organisers were immensely satisfied with the arrangements at Hotel Metro View Delhi. 
​​Dated 12 April 2017. 

Conference in motion

Hotel metro view continues to provide exemplary banquet services to its hosts who are hosting a meeting at our conference halls in Delhi. The overall impression and level of satisfaction if of far higher monetary value. Dated 10 April 2017

Perfect board meeting

This picture shows an example of a perfect company board meet that was held at our Banquet hall in Delhi on 10 April 2017. The package included a projector, white board, non-veg food and snacks. 
Since Attendees came from all over Delhi our location was perfect since we are in center of Delhi with each approach by Metro & road.
​​​Their preference was to have lunch and snacks in our restaurant.

Kitty party at our Hotel in Delhi

This is a ongoing kitty party at our Banquets halls in Delhi Karol Bagh.
They chose for simple round tables with light background music. 
​​​​The guests were immensely satisfied with the arrangement and food taste & quality. 
​​​​They choose a comprehensive Non Veg menu and left licking there fingers.
​​​​Our venue in Delhi near Karol Bagh yet again helped hosts arrange a impressive party at reasonable pricing. 
Dat​​e 08 April 2017 

Conference in meeting rooms in Delhi

We hosted a conference meeting in our meeting room near Delhi Karol bagh. Hosts benefited from our extensive provisioning of projector & high speed Internet access. They were provided with all business facilities needed to make their conference a success. 
Location is Hotel Metro View in Karol Bagh New Delhi, dated 08 April 2017.

Banquet hall in Delhi for board meeting

This is a setup for a board meeting [AGM] of a reputed multi national. 
​​​The setup was simple but menu opted was vast. 
​​​They chose us because our Banquet halls near karol bagh are the best. 
Be ​​​​​it for meetings or conferences our Banquet halls satisfy needs of everyone. 
​​Dated 06 April 2017

Training Seminar at convention centre

Yet another training seminar of a reputed MNC at our Banquet hall in karol bagh, Delhi. 
​​​They company is happy with the setup & services that they continue to render our services. 
​​​​Our small meeting rooms & conference halls near Karol bagh are way better than anything you have ever seen in this price range. 
​​Dated 04 April 2017

Training Session of reputed MNC

Ongoing training session of a reputable MNC is depicted in the picture. They chose us above our competition because of quality of services offered together with food & hall facilities. 
Banquet halls in karol bagh is synonymous with Hotel Metro View. 
We are ​​​​​best providers for Banquet & conference hall facilities in central Delhi. 
Dated 03 April 2017.

Seminar & Conference in Karol Bagh, New Delhi

This is a picture of a ongoing seminar for hair accessories, makeup styles, etc. 
​​​​The setup was same from previous day. 
​​​​Yet again our Banquet halls in karol bagh lived up to the expectations of the organisers and provided the right atmosphere and feel for their field of study. 
They has their meal taken at our restaurant.
​​Dated 1st April 2017.

Conference Hall in Karol Bagh

This is a ongoing seminar /training for demonstration of hair accessories and make-up. 
​​​They opted for dual screens, mic and sound systems.
Included along with was a vast lunch and evening snacks. 
Location is Banquet Halls in Karol Bagh Delhi which tops list of conference halls in Delhi.  Dated 31st March 2017. 

Meeting of a reputed MNC brand

A conference of MNC brand at our Conference room in Delhi. 
Our hall tops list of conference halls in Delhi. 
​​​This is one of the first seminars that this brand will host at our Conference venue. 
Included with was Dinner & snacks. 
Dated 30 March 2017.

Doctors conclave in Karol Bagh

This picture depicts a ongoing meeting / conference of Doctors on 26 March 2017.
Yet again our Banquet hall in karol bagh lives upto the expectations of the organisers. 
Perfect location, food & environment.
The food was served in our Hotel restaurant.

A Dance Party at Karol Bagh

A dance party at our Party Hall near Karol bagh at Hotel Metro View on 25 March 2017. 
It was a simple party with minimalistic decor and expenses but a party that will be long remembered by the ones who attended it! 

Training Session

A vigorous training session at our Conference hall in Delhi with exams for sales reps of a reputed Pharmaceutical company. 
Location is our Banquet hall in karol bagh near Metro station on 25 March 2017.

Meeting with Classroom Setup

This picture depicts a ongoing conference at our Banquet Hall in karol bagh of a pharmaceutical company's sale representatives.
They booked the entire ​​​Banquet hall & took projector with collar mic to go with it. 
Dated ​​24th of March 2017.

Training Session for Sales Executives

A training session for sales staff of a multi national company for their upcoming new product launch at our Banquet hall in Karol Bagh. 
They to​​​ok our basic package for the Banquet hall on 23 March 2017 which includes AM / PM tea & snacks with a delicious lunch in the afternoon. 
​​​​The environment created is perfect for concentration to help grasp new innovations and ideas.

Training Seminar & Conference

Another corporate training session at our Banquet hall number 2 in Karol Bagh on 21 March 2017. 
They are ​​​offered a projector for display of slides and presentations. 
Th​​​eir package also includes morning & evening tea with a delicious lunch in their break time served in our Resturant.

Birthday Party

A gathering of 50-60 people celebrating birthday of a lovely young girl on 20th March 2017 at our Banquet in Karol Bagh.
Our Banquet hall again lives upto the expectation of the hosts, providing perfect atmosphere & ambiance.
The guests were immensely satisfied with the arrangement, decoration, food quality and taste.

Recreation Activity

Recreation, enchantment, songs. A Small gathering of 10 people at our Conference Room in Karol Bagh, Delhi on 19 March 2017.

Group Meeting

A strategy meeting to motivate the group by Master Mind Company at our Conference Hall in Karol Bagh on 19 March 2017.

Samsung Training Event

Conference training at our Banquet Hall on the terrace of Hotel Metro View Karol Bagh sometime in Feburary 2017.